Ye Olde Prospector (maxwellgrant) wrote in chuckpalahniuk,
Ye Olde Prospector

review of CHOKE

"I can order dinner, but - "

The above is a line I found funny in
- but I can't tell you why I thought
it funny out of context right now.

It was hard to judge by my audience - 4
other people all sitting by themselves;
reminded me of seeing WILD AT HEART after
David Lynch was such a success. Some of
us were laughing at different parts -

I wondered who had read the book or seen Fight Club
or just wanted to see a different movie.

Based on book/trailer I expected a great
many more scenes of him doing the
choking scam - instead we get abundant
female toplessness (all kinds of women),
shots of Rockwell having sex
and much is made of the Sex Addicts'
Anonymous meetings Rockwell's Victor

Kudos to director/screenplay adapter
Clark Gregg (an active actor in both film and TV)
for casting
himself as the villian in the parts about
the job Rockwell and his best friend have
- portraying colonial reenactments
for tourists. (I found out Gregg is
married to Jennifer Grey - Joel Grey's

At first I didn't expect such a large
portion of the film to be about the
12-step process.
I then thought maybe 12-step groups would
be up-in-arms about this
and be out protesting, uh, anonymously.
Then the movie gets more supportive of
the success of such groups.

I liked Choke. It has a few minor things
in common with Fight Club - it almost
feels like a younger brother to it, despite the objectionable content
I think it is more accessible to the average viewer than Fight Club
(a film I really like).

Showing up briefly as a police
detective towards the end is Aaron
cohort from their debut In The Company of
Men by Neil Labute (a vicious picture).
It's good to see that he's still around
since Aaron is in the biggest moneymaker
of the year (after a good deal of
starring roles).

I was very impressed by Angelica Huston
as Rockwell's aging mother
and in flashbacks with a terrific kid
actor playing Rockwell as she absconds
him over state-lines.

Kelly Macdonald was a treat - I loved her
bit as Josh Brolin's wife in NO COUNTRY
she is given much more to do here; hard
to believe she is Scottish.

I hope this gives you some idea of it
without spoiling it - I wouldn't give it
a thumbs down but it is hard to recommend
to most people I know because of the sex
and nudity.
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